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Other Prius Clubs
Prius Club of San Diego, USA – Our sister club
Orange County Prius Club, USA
Prius Owners Group, USA
Other Clubs (PriusChat)

Prius Information
Upcoming Prius Family – Toyota 2011
The 3rd Generation Prius – Toyota Australia
Past, Present and Future of Toyota Hybrid Technology – an interesting presentation from Toyota Japan
Wikipedia – Toyota Prius
Toyota Australia – Prius
Toyota Prius Technical Information – The Clean Green Car Company (NZ)
Wikipedia – Hybrid Synergy Drive
WikiBooks – Prius Driving Tricks
How Hybrid Synergy Drive Works – a 1-minute animation from Toyota (WMV format)
Toyota Guide to Hybrid Synergy Drive (2MB PDF)
Prius Power Split Device (PSD) How it works
John’s Stuff – Prius User Guides and Info-Sheets
Hybrid Cars – Toyota Prius Overview
How Hybrid Cars Work
2009 Toyota Prius: Spy Report

Discussion Forums
Prius Chat
Prius Online

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