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Prius price reduction in Australia

Posted by John on Sat 9-Apr-2011

Toyota Australia has reduced pricing on the Prius range by 18% as of Friday 8th April. This re-positions the range a little more competitively in the market, and importantly differentiates it from the just-released Lexus CT 200h Hybrid which also uses the Prius drivetrain.

The new list price for a Base model is $34,990 plus on-road costs, while an I-tech now costs $45,990 plus on-road costs. Toyota is also offering a 3.9% finance rate for new 2010 plated Prius models.

Unfortunately, due to the power restrictions and damage to component manufacturing factories in Japan as a result of the horrific disasters that have happened there recently, Toyota production lines are not working and are not expected to resume production for some time. Therefore, new car stock out of Japan has stopped shipping, and only stock already in Australia can be delivered, with dealers taking orders on an open-ended delivery date basis. There are no new Prius I-techs available in Australia for example (but quite a few Base models), with no new stock expected before August at the earliest. Toyota dealers (and also any other Japanese car dealers) could be in for a lean time, as even Australian-built Toyotas use some parts sourced from Japan. Toyota will obviously source new stock from other Toyota plants world-wide which have the capacity and components to try and cover the shortfall where possible, but expect inevitable delays.

New Prius V model shown officially

Posted by John on Tue 22-Feb-2011

Toyota US has revealed a new member of the Prius family to go into production late this year. Called the Prius V, it is a larger-bodied version of the Generation 3 Prius hatch…..but with a number of improvements apart from the increased carrying capacity.

While the drivetrain, engine and most mechanicals are identical to the Hatch, major changes have been made to the interior, and most exterior panels. Even the standard alloy wheels change from 15″ to 16″ diameter, with the 17″ size remaining an optional extra. The interior has had a major redesign, with the wide instrument panel of the hatch being replaced by a compact central design. The console bridge connecting the dashboard with the centre console has gone, with the mode control buttons now residing in the centre armrest, and the drive selector moving to a position in the centre dash closer to the steering wheel (which remains the same as before). The rear seat backrests now recline (so expect snoring from rear seat passengers), and the roof now features twin moonroofs with individual sliding covers. Externally, most panels have been modified, with the side bodyline being lowered. At the front, the foglights have been relocated to the lower grille, and sharper, flatter lines have been introduced. The new luggage space has been increased by 50%, with a minimal increase in overall body width and length. Fuel economy has suffered a small penalty due to the increased weight, but the Prius V still remains one of the most fuel-efficient¬†vehicles on the market.

No indication yet if the Prius V will be brought in to Australia.

The Plug-in Prius continues in final consumer testing in most countries, and is expected to go on sale in selected areas in 2012. Another concept Hybrid member of the Prius family, the Prius C, a smaller, sporty car, will also go on sale in 2012.

Prius goes Plural

Posted by Greg on Mon 21-Feb-2011

In January 2011, Toyota invited Prius owners and fans to vote on what the plural of Prius should be. The results of the poll were announced on 20th February 2011.

Result of the vote:

The Vote - the plural of Prius is Prii

Prius ZVW30 Recall

Posted by John on Thu 11-Feb-2010

Toyota Australia has initiated a recall of all ZVW30 (Generation 3) Prius models sold in Australia from its launch in July 2009 until those with a February 2010 production date.

The recall is to apply a software modification to the ABS Braking System computer. This modification is to improve the response time (in milliseconds) of the ABS system engaging if either, or both, front driving wheels lose traction momentarily.

At no time is there any danger of the Prius braking system failing. The modification should take no more than 1 hour, and is obviously free of charge.

Owners can either wait until they receive their official notification letter from Toyota about the recall, or simply contact a Toyota Dealer of your choice to book your Prius in at a convenient time to have the modification applied. You will receive priority assistance by the service department at any Toyota Dealer.

New Prius Preview

Posted by John on Fri 31-Jul-2009

New Prius July 2009Our Club was given a preview of the new model Prius at Toyota’s Qld HQ on Monday 20th July. 31 Members and friends attended the night, which was hosted by Toyota’s head Hybrid Technical Trainer in Qld.

After parking in the secure carpark, the night started with a technical presentation in one of the lecture rooms where all the features of the new Prius were explained and shown on-screen. All questions about the car were answered in an easy-to-understand and sometimes humorous way. Everyone who attended the night left the room much more informed about the new features and equipment offered with the new model.

New Prius July 2009From the lecture room, everyone then moved to the inner sanctum…..Toyota’s technical training workshop where the technicians who work on your cars are trained. There were 2 new Prius there for everyone to play with, sit in, look over etc, as well as a gorgeous Lexus convertible (Lexus technicians are trained there, too), a Lexus 4WD and other assorted Toyotas.¬† Around the room were also assorted engines, transmissions, electrical components and other goodies which are used in making sure the technicians can find and fix faults which may crop up in customers’ cars.

The night ran about 1 hour over the expected time frame as everyone was having too much fun playing with the new cars and asking questions about them….not to mention the odd drool. All in all, a very interesting night where everyone learned a lot about the Generation III Prius. A big Thank You to Peter and Toyota Qld for a rare and very much appreciated opportunity.

Posted by Greg on Wed 8-Oct-2008

See us at Greenfest, Southbank Brisbane, Oct 10-12 2008

The Prius Club of Queensland will be an exhibitor at Greenfest to be held at Southbank in Brisbane from 10-12 October 2008. We will be participating in the Green Motor Show, which aims to demonstrate that carbon emissions can be successfully reduced with current and new technologies and that significant reductions in fuel consumption by motor vehicles can be achieved.

Come along and meet members of the Club who will be happy to discuss all aspects of owning and running the Prius. There are also a number of other attractions at Greenfest which will make for an enjoyable and informative family outing. Look for us near the fountains adjacent to the Performing Arts Complex by the river. Entry is free of charge.

For more information see the Greenfest website.

Know Your Prius quiz

Posted by Greg on Sun 25-May-2008

How well do you know the Prius?

Try our interactive quiz and see how well you score.

Try the Quiz

Prius does 210kph

Posted by Greg on Tue 15-Apr-2008

A standard Prius with racing modifications to wheels and suspension reaches a top speed of 210kph on the Bonneville Salt Flats. While we certainly don’t recommend trying this on the highway, it does demonstrate that power that can be achieved from Prius.

Click on the “Play” arrow at left to see the action. The video runs for about 3.5 minutes.