Accessories for your Prius

The Club is able to source and offer for sale a number of  accessories for Prius, most of which are not readily available in Australia. Contact John at the following address if you require more information, or to order any items:

Shark-fin antenna Shark-fin antenna
A stylish and easy-to-fit replacement for the standard vertical antenna, the shark-fin adheres to the roof over the standard antenna base and features a built-in fractal antenna which provides good AM/FM radio reception. It is made of ABS plastic and the colour is matched to the Prius standard colour codes for all model Prius except 2012 – ZVW30 Prius i-tech.
Side protection strips Side protection strips
These protect your vehicle from minor bumps and scratches, and look good too. They are made of ABS plastic and the colour is matched to the Prius standard colour codes. They are adhesive, no holes to drill.Available for the 2004-2009 NHW20; 2009-  ZVW30; Prius C; Prius V.
Illuminated Door Sills Illuminated Door Sills
Illuminated door sills for Prius models from 2009 onwards. These are stainless steel replacements for the black plastic ones on each door, with the front ones illuminated by blue LED lights. Great-looking individual touch for your Prius.Available for the 2009- ZVW30 model only.
Windscreen heatshield Heatshield
Keeps your vehicle relatively cool when parked in the sun. Custom-designed for the large Prius windscreen. Rolls up when not in use.Available for the 2004-2009 NHW20; 2009- ZVW30 model; Prius C; Prius V.
Weathershields Weather-shields
German made, they fit in the window channel with no clips or adhesive. Allow you to leave your windows down 2-3 cm. in complete safety when parked outside, so the heat buildup can ventilate and cool the car. Available for front or rear windows on both the NHW20 and ZVW30 model Prius.
Rear Bumper Protector Rear bumper protector
An ABS protector which adheres to the top edge of the rear bumper, protecting it from scratches and damage.Available for the 2004-2009 NHW20; 2009 – ZVW30 model; Prius C; Prius V.
Mud Flaps Mud flaps
These are genuine Toyota parts for all four wheels, and come with all fittings and fitting instructions for 2003 to current model Prius.
Spiderweb net Spiderweb luggage net
Attaches to the existing 4 tie-down hooks on the luggage area floor, and secures any items from moving around while driving. Suits all model Prius.
Fuel Door Spiderweb Spiderweb decal
Applied to the fuel door, it makes an amusing statement about how infrequently the Prius needs refuelling. Fits all model Prius.

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