Prius ZVW30 Recall

Posted by John on Thu 11-Feb-2010

Toyota Australia has initiated a recall of all ZVW30 (Generation 3) Prius models sold in Australia from its launch in July 2009 until those with a February 2010 production date.

The recall is to apply a software modification to the ABS Braking System computer. This modification is to improve the response time (in milliseconds) of the ABS system engaging if either, or both, front driving wheels lose traction momentarily.

At no time is there any danger of the Prius braking system failing. The modification should take no more than 1 hour, and is obviously free of charge.

Owners can either wait until they receive their official notification letter from Toyota about the recall, or simply contact a Toyota Dealer of your choice to book your Prius in at a convenient time to have the modification applied. You will receive priority assistance by the service department at any Toyota Dealer.