Prius ZVW30 Possible Problems?

Posted by John on Fri 5-Feb-2010

Owners of July 2009 onwards ZVW30 models have probably read reports of possible braking problems with Prius, particularly in the US market.

The Australian Prius models are not exhibiting problems such as those described in the US cars…..however, in a small number of cases here, owners could experience a miniscule delay in braking performance in certain circumstances such as when one (or both) front wheel(s) hits a slippery surface, drops into a pothole, or hits a large bump under light braking. In this instance, the ABS system may experience a minute delay in changing the hydraulic pressure to the brakes, causing a slight lag in retardation. The ABS system will immediately compensate if the brake pedal is pressed harder in this scenario. If any owner experiences the problem (which has been rectified on cars built after the end of January 2010), and has concerns about it, please visit your nearest Toyota dealer. Toyota Australia is monitoring the situation, and owners of any affected Prius will be notified if any action needs to be taken.

There is also a separate problem with various Toyota models sold in overseas markets experiencing sticking accelerator pedals. The electronic accelerator pedal assembly on all Toyotas sold in Australia (both imported and built here) is of a different design and manufacturer to the overseas and Japanese domestic models. No instances of sticking accelerators have been reported in Australia.

The current potential problems only relate to the mid 2009 ZVW30 model Prius, no other model Prius are affected in any way. If you are concerned at all, please visit this link:

Toyota Australia Advice to Prius Customers