New Prius Preview

Posted by John on Fri 31-Jul-2009

New Prius July 2009Our Club was given a preview of the new model Prius at Toyota’s Qld HQ on Monday 20th July. 31 Members and friends attended the night, which was hosted by Toyota’s head Hybrid Technical Trainer in Qld.

After parking in the secure carpark, the night started with a technical presentation in one of the lecture rooms where all the features of the new Prius were explained and shown on-screen. All questions about the car were answered in an easy-to-understand and sometimes humorous way. Everyone who attended the night left the room much more informed about the new features and equipment offered with the new model.

New Prius July 2009From the lecture room, everyone then moved to the inner sanctum…..Toyota’s technical training workshop where the technicians who work on your cars are trained. There were 2 new Prius there for everyone to play with, sit in, look over etc, as well as a gorgeous Lexus convertible (Lexus technicians are trained there, too), a Lexus 4WD and other assorted Toyotas.  Around the room were also assorted engines, transmissions, electrical components and other goodies which are used in making sure the technicians can find and fix faults which may crop up in customers’ cars.

The night ran about 1 hour over the expected time frame as everyone was having too much fun playing with the new cars and asking questions about them….not to mention the odd drool. All in all, a very interesting night where everyone learned a lot about the Generation III Prius. A big Thank You to Peter and Toyota Qld for a rare and very much appreciated opportunity.