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Seafood Lunch

Posted by John on Tue 2-Sep-2008

On Sunday 17th August, 14 happy Members met to travel to George’s Seafood Restaurant on the Gold Coast for a seafood lunch feast. The traffic was moderate, but moving well on the M1, and we had a good drive down. On arrival, we were seated in a sunny spot out of the wind, and perused the extensive menu. Orders were taken, and some friendly chat whiled away the time until entrees appeared. Everyone seemed most interested in what the person next or across the table to them had ordered, but certainly did not neglect what was put in front of them.

Entrees dispatched, we waited (not long though, the service was very good) for the main courses to arrive. On seeing John’s dish of Barbequed Bugs, Ian commented “I wonder if there are any Bugs left in the sea after that plateful!”. It was certainly a good sized meal, and went down well. A couple of hardy souls had room for dessert afterwards (must be candidates for lap-band surgery after that meal) and tea/coffee finished off a very pleasant social lunch.

Fortunately, a shopping excursion through the adjoining centre didn’t bash the plastic too much and we all headed up the highway for home without incident.

Christmas in July

Posted by John on Tue 2-Sep-2008

7 cars made the trip to Toowoomba on Saturday 19th July for a “Christmas in July” feast at Weis’ Restaurant. We left Brisbane’s outskirts at 10am in glorious winter sunshine, en route to our first stop at Spring Bluff railway station on the Murphy’s Creek road up the range to see what was normally a gardener’s delight. However, it was the wrong season and the place was deserted. After a short stop, we continued on up the range and in to Toowoomba for lunch. Weis’ was very cosy inside, keeping Toowoomba’s chilly breezes out and delicious cooking smells wafting about promising great food. We were not disappointed! Most of the group chose to graze from the never-ending smorgasbord of fresh seafood, soups, breads, salads and hot dishes. When appetites had been sated on that lot, you had to find room for a selection of scrumptious desserts! At least some tea or coffee helped wash it down.

When everyone had had their fill, we moved outside where some had to go home and the rest of our group decided to check out the great views from Picnic Point and it was such a fine, clear day you could almost see the Glasshouse Mountains. With everyone happy, we all (with the exception of Jenny, who was staying overnight) headed home after another great day.