Sunshine Coast trip, 2nd December 2007

Posted by John on Sun 9-Dec-2007

It is no doubt just coincidence, but both times we have planned an event to the Sunshine Coast, it rains!! Regardless, 4 cars and their owners met at the Ettamogah Pub on Sunday 2nd December for a trip north. Due to Sue’s ‘flu bug, and the decreased numbers, we decided to change the plan for lunch from Boreen Point to a closer destination…the Ginger Factory at Yandina.

After meeting Rory, our Club’s newest member, we headed up the highway and amazingly, the weather started to clear up. On arrival at the Ginger Factory, what else was there for four girls to do (with one hopelessly outnumbered male) but shop? And so they did… least until hunger intervened, and we all adjourned to the cafe for lunch. The special of the day was a steak sandwich with (appropriately) a ginger sauce. This was chosen by most of our group, and was quite good.

Ettamoogah Pub Suitably refuelled, it was back to the shops again. A motoring memorabilia and model shop provided some relief for the hopelessly outnumbered male, before it was back to the fray again. Next along was a fudge and sweets shop….too many goodies to resist in there! Then a shop selling all types of spices and cooking implements. Some wonderful aromas in that one!

More nick-nacks, then a card shop attracted the shopaholics before it was time to sit down for an ice-cream and coffee with a chat for sides.

We then adjourned to the carpark to fit some accessories to Rory’s Prius, and compare cars. This was the first Club trip where we have had no two cars the same….a record.

A different, scenic, trip home was planned, but everyone was shopped out and just wanted to go home down the highway, so that is what we did. As it turned out, the traffic wasn’t too bad, and we had a good trip home.

Thanks to those who came, and made it a good day for all…..especially Sue with her wog.

The Boreen Point lunch will be re-scheduled for some time next year when we have a larger group to make it worthwhile.