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Christmas Party, 30 November 2007

Posted by John on Fri 30-Nov-2007

Michaela wins model Prius The Club’s 2007 Christmas Party at Bruno’s Bistro on Friday 30th November was enjoyed by 16 of our Members. The evening started with drinks and an array of delicious hors d’oeuvres while chatting, before sitting down to dinner. Everyone’s meal choices were pre-ordered, and while some had difficulty in remembering what they had ordered (or were surprised what their partner had ordered for them!), no-one was disappointed with the excellent meal placed before them.

After the main course had been enjoyed, some door prizes were drawn, and presented. At first, choosing which door to use for a prize presented a problem, but we decided to stick to some bottles of wine, embroidered towels, and tyre pressure gauges as more practical offerings. Each person also received a Toyota coffee mug as a present on the night.