Montville Day Trip, 22 July 2007

Posted by John on Wed 25-Jul-2007

Lake Baroon near Montville In spite of the weather deciding to revert to cold and wet after some beautiful fine winter days, 4 cars and 10 people met at the BP Burpengary for Greg and Des’ mystery tour up to the Maleny area. We were given a series of questions and photos which had to be answered and recognized along the road at various points as we drove. Everyone had to reset their tripmeters and fuel computers as well, so that fuel consumption comparisons could be done at the end.

It was a fun trip along first the highway, then Steve Irwin Way to Landsborough and up the hill to the first stop at a winery….all the time looking, looking, looking for various devious questions and photographs (which were in random order). It was probably helpful to have extra observers in the back seat, but fun nevertheless.

The competitive section stopped and the real fun began at the Big Barrel winery where we all got inside in the warm and sampled their drops. After much deliberation, not to mention tasting, most people pulled out their wallets and bought a few bottles. Next stop was a specialised Swiss cheese factory just down the road towards Montville. Again, we were not disappointed by the quality of the goods on offer, and sampling led to buying. By now, it was after midday, and lunch was awaiting!

Le Relais Bressan Restaurant at Flaxton On through the rolling hills to the shopping mecca of Montville, where parking spots were like striking gold, and we soon came to our lunch destination of a ridgetop French restaurant eloquently named after a French fowl! Nothing foul about the restaurant, though….we were warmly welcomed inside by the (obviously) French owner/chef and made very welcome at our table. Menus were swiftly produced, and specials detailed for us to make our choices. The dishes offered were traditional French fare, and included Escargot (but no frog’s legs…must have been out of season, or too quick on the hop). A few hardy souls ordered the snails, with most opting for more “normal” fare. Baskets of bread, and drinks, came out while we waited for our meals and happy conversation went around the table. Our host Thierry had a collection of Citroens garaged there, and produced some photos to show us. The entrees soon appeared, and the snails were presented simmering in garlic butter in their own little recesses of a large ceramic (hot) flat bowl. On to the mains, and more wine and good conversation. Time flew! You couldn’t dine at a good French Restaurant without also having dessert, now could you? The Creme Brulee was wonderful, as were the sorbets. Crepe Suzettes were offered, but not taken up.

During the meal, Greg and Des had checked everyone’s run sheets and done their sums to work out a winner. That honour went to Rob and Lindy, who scored a great bottle of wine as a prize. John and Sue were (marginally) more feather-footed on the economy stakes during the run. A comparison of odometer readings for the trip showed that they were all identical to the nearest tenth of a kilometre. Fuel economy was adversely affected by the long pull up the range, resulting in readings of around 5.2L/100km at the luncheon break. Of course the Prius recovered this energy on the way back down the range, and round trip readings had returned to the usual 4.7-4.9 by the time we got home.

Lunch over, and mine host and staff thanked for a great meal, we left for home after another fun, and satisfying, day out. Thanks to Greg and Des for their efforts, and to those who came and braved the weather. It was well worth it!

Glasshouse Mountains at dusk