Mt. Tamborine Day Trip, 20 May 2007

Posted by John on Wed 23-May-2007

Our trip to Mt Tamborine on May 20th was held in beautiful sunny weather. 5 cars (2 leaving from Brisbane) met at Oxenford to head up the mountain. Greg and Des probably thought the day had got off to a bad start when a highway patrol car with lights and sirens blazing sped up behind them just before the exit from the M1. Relief was swift when a speeding van was pulled over as their victim, though. An easy run up the mountain followed, then we searched for a parking area in the congested and popular Gallery Walk to park 5 Prii. We found success at the far end and left the cars in safety to search of a coffee fix! After settling in to a suitable teahouse, we all relaxed over morning tea and enjoyed each other’s company for a period, before deciding to do our own thing along the main street and meet back at the carpark to decide on a lunch venue.

After exploring all the interesting shops and fairylands on offer, we duly met back and swapped suggestions for lunch….settling on Cafe Amore just across the road. It turned out to be a good choice, with excellent service, and good, well-priced food. Much happy conversation crossed the table over lunch and, suitably refreshed, we set off for our next destination….a cheese factory down the road. Before we left the carpark however, it was amusing to watch a couple’s reaction to 5 Prii together….”what *is* that car?” said the gf to the guy. “It’s a Prius, one of those petrol/electric cars” was his response. “Look there’s another one….and another one over there, and another one!” she said. ” Do they have that many in Australia?” Oh well…there’s a lot of education still to do.

Mt. Tamborine, at hang glider launch site The cheese factory was good value, with most finding a variety or two to their liking. The ice creams were good, too. Then it was on to a photo opportunity where the hang gliders throw themselves off a perfectly good cliff in the hope of someone bringing their car down to the bottom to meet them later. Nice view, pity about the police car parked on radar duty right where we were going to cross double lines and park. Sorry about the u-turn, folks, but we all did not need a ticket there. We found a good spot for a photo (at right) down the road, then backtracked to an interesting treasure trove of antiques (no, not Ian and Greg) advertised as a lavender farm. It turned out to be two sheds stuffed with an amazing variety of old goods, vehicles, tools and restored stuff that kept everyone amused for ages. Until the afternoon chill arrived, that is. Then it was time to head for home. All in all, another great day with great company! Thanks, everyone.