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Mt. Tamborine Day Trip, 20 May 2007

Posted by John on Wed 23-May-2007

Our trip to Mt Tamborine on May 20th was held in beautiful sunny weather. 5 cars (2 leaving from Brisbane) met at Oxenford to head up the mountain. Greg and Des probably thought the day had got off to a bad start when a highway patrol car with lights and sirens blazing sped up behind them just before the exit from the M1. Relief was swift when a speeding van was pulled over as their victim, though. An easy run up the mountain followed, then we searched for a parking area in the congested and popular Gallery Walk to park 5 Prii. We found success at the far end and left the cars in safety to search of a coffee fix! After settling in to a suitable teahouse, we all relaxed over morning tea and enjoyed each other’s company for a period, before deciding to do our own thing along the main street and meet back at the carpark to decide on a lunch venue.