Lismore Day Trip, 28 April 2007

Posted by John on Mon 30-Apr-2007

We had 6 cars on the trip to Lismore recently, coinciding with the first rainy weekend for a long time. Although the locals offered some of the wet stuff to take home with us, no-one had an empty tank with us so we reluctantly had to decline their generous offer.

Nimbin main street The trip was interesting, although it didn’t go entirely to plan. We decided to stop at Bangalow (just off the highway) to get some ham and other smoked smallgoods at a local butcher there who advertised in a tourist guide. Not having a knowledge of Bangalow, we decided to ask a local when we got there for directions. Armed with these from the local Video Store, we went in search of the treasure….with no luck! After wasting about half an hour looking in the area given to us, it was obvious there was no butcher shop, so we headed for Lismore through the rain and rolling green countryside. It was confirmed later that the butcher no longer has a shop in Bangalow…only in Lismore.

On arrival at City Toyota, we were to meet up with some local Prius owners over lunch and talk cars etc. A nice lunch and refreshments were provided by Mike and his friendly staff, but the local Prius owners who had accepted invitations to come had, for various reasons, cancelled. Bugger! Oh well, we talked cars etc with Mike and his staff for a while, then decided to enjoy a leisurely drive up through the mountains to Nimbin, and on back to the coast.

Nimbin was…interesting. There are certainly some diverse types of people who live and work there. An interesting sign on the approach to Nimbin proclaimed that it was an alcohol-free town….no mention was made, however, of any other intoxicating substances which were very obviously in general use there. We stopped for coffee and a stroll around, then continued on to Murwillumbah and home via a quite scenic route. Maybe we should go down there again sometime just to see some of the attractions we didn’t get to visit this time?”Nimbin Muse

Nimbin museum